JR Smith Destroys Tracy McGrady on Twitter for Absurd NBA Finals Comment

​One of the more tragic happenings of the NBA 2000’s were the unfortunate injury relapses of the legend that is Tracy McGrady.

In the prime of his career, T-Mac just couldn’t remain healthy, which didn’t stop him from still playing 15 seasons in the league. However, the injuries did compromise his overall ability to maximize his team’s potential and potentially get over the hump in the rugged Western Conference.

For the things he was able to accomplish, T-Mac will be enshrined as a member of the 2017 Hall of Fame class.

​​Such praise is certainly well deserved.

For some reason though, once J.R. Smith caught wind of McGrady’s comments, he knew he wasn’t about to let that slide.

In usual J.R. fashion, Smith put McGrady on blast.

​​Anyone? Anyone? Does anyone else think that is “dumb as hell?”

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure J.R. lashed out because he felt like McGrady was indirectly talking about a player like him.

But then again, some would even choose to call McGrady’s HOF credentials into question.

Apparently, J.R. is one of those people who believes T-Mac isn’t worthy.

So it’s that easy, huh J.R.?

Smith is likely fighting an uphill battle here, but that’s something that’s never deterred him in the past.

Smith appears pretty firm in his beliefs and this has quickly become a Smith versus McGrady debate.

How will T-Mac respond?

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JR Smith Destroys Tracy McGrady on Twitter for Absurd NBA Finals Comment

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