LIFESTYLE: 5 NBA Superstars That Allegedly Slept With Their Teammates’ Wives

Cheating on your significant other is wrong. Trying to sleep with your co-worker’s wife is downright deplorable. But it’s true that some people will never stop such bad habits. Here are 5 NBA superstars who slept with their teammates’ wives.

5. Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone – Los Angeles Lakers

Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant teamed up together with the Los Angeles Lakers. The two became close friends. Unfortunately, Malone overstepped his boundaries and tried hitting on Bryant’s wife Vanessa in the locker room.

Their friendship went sideways quickly. During an interview, Malone said, “I’ll Fight Kobe if he’s still mad I flirted with his wife”.

4. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen – Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen helped the Chicago Bulls become the most dominant sports team in the ’90s. One of the biggest rumors surrounding the two legendary players involved the singer Madonna.

The pop singer used to sit front and center eyeing up Mr. Pippen while his teammate Jordan was looking at her. Madona picked up Pippen in a limo whenever they played in Los Angeles, and that simply infuriated Jordan. If Internet was as active as today, too much would have been said.

3. Tony Parker and Brent Barry – San Antonio Spurs

Spurs teammates Tony Parker and Brent Barry were two-time NBA Champions together. But how could you possibly have a straying eye when you’re married to someone as stunning as Eva Longoria? Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs became involved in a relationship with teammate Brent Barry’s wife, Erin Barry.

Longoria discovered hundreds of texts between Parker and Erin Barry. Longoria dumped Parker and had the tattoo of their wedding date removed from her wrist, while Brent Barry also opted for divorce as well. “The exposure, I could not control. This is the world we live in today; everything is on the Internet and on social network sites.” Parker talking about their divorce.

2. LeBron James and Delonte West – Cleveland Cavaliers

This doesn’t involve a wife, but the mother of Lebron James. LeBron James found himself in the center of a bizarre story when it came out that one of his teammates, Delonte West, had slept with his mom. The rumors were rampant during King James’s final season in Cleveland in 2010 before he left for Miami.

West had a son a couple of years ago and explained why he didn’t name his son Delonte Jr. “I didn’t want to name him Delonte West Jr. just because of that… I don’t want my son going to school and people making fun of him for something his daddy did. “Oh didn’t yo daddy have sex with LeBron James mama?’ Man, I don’t want to deal with all that…”

1. Steve Nash, Jason Richardson, and Leandro Barbosa – Phoenix Suns

This is even the most bizarre and shocking situation as it is between three teammates. Steve Nash filed for divorce the day after his wife had a baby. Wonder why? While playing for the Phoenix Suns, Jason Richardson allegedly slept with Steve Nash’s wife Alejandra Amarilla.

Well, the baby’s true father was the more probable Jason Richardson or initially speculated to be Leandro Barbosa. “This is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I; after five years, we are now in the process of dissolving our marriage. This will be my only statement on this.” Nash didn’t want to go into further details about the issue.

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LIFESTYLE: 5 NBA Superstars That Allegedly Slept With Their Teammates’ Wives

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