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Reviewers attack Kevin Durants Oklahoma City restaurant on Yelp

Kevin Durant are blasting his Oklahoma City eatery on Yelp after the basketball star announced he was switching teams. (KD’s Southern Cuisine)

Basketball star Kevin Durant opened his own restaurant– KDs Southern Cuisineto share some of his favorite foods with fans.

The Oklahoma City eatery, which features upscale versions of down-home dishes surrounded by basketball themed décor, has been in business since 2013.

But after the Thunder player announced hed be leaving the Sooner State to join the Golden State Warriors, angry fans took to social media to vent their anger via Durant’s restaurant business. 

On Yelp, many took shots as the professional players “over-hyped” abilities.

According to Eater, Yelp has since deleted most of the non-food related posts– but a few still remain. Wrote one reviewer, “Eating at KD’s this morning made me feel cheated on and discarded. I could barley [sic] stomach the meal, because everything about it reminded me of what could of been. Oh well.”

Others were just as biting. 

(KD’s, Yelp)

On Twitter, some fans called for a restaurant boycott while others suggested new owners take over immediately.

FoxNews.com has reached out to KDs Southern Cuisine to find if Durant be relocating his restaurant to the West Coast.

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