Two Huge Trump Critics Could Be Teaming Up In The NBA


President Trump has been under constant attack from certain sports figures.

Several players have taken cheap shots at the President in order to signal their virtue.

Now two of the staunchest Trump detractors in the NBA could be joining forces for an unholy alliance.

If there were ever a poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s Gregg Popovich. Even though LeBron James has called Trump a “bum,” Popovich has crossed the line and called him a “soulless coward.”

Popovich also took time out of his busy schedule to call up the far-left outlet The Nation and unleash in a hit piece on Trump.

Now the two anti-Trump windbags could be joining forces.

When LeBron James was early in his NBA career, an interviewer asked him what his goal was.

Instead of saying he wanted to win multiple champions or even MVP awards, James said he wanted to be a global icon.

The hubris of the answer was a bit jarring but gave a clear indication of what James is all about. Himself.

In an attempt to grow his “brand,” LeBron has become more active in politics. He campaigned for Hillary Clinton in his native Ohio, but his presence did not have a positive effect on her campaign; Clinton lost Ohio, and her polling numbers sagged after the LeBron endorsement.

Last year, a racial epithet was spray-painted on James’s vacation home in Los Angeles. While such an action is despicable, James and his family weren’t even in town, and the graffiti was cleaned up immediately.

But James took the opportunity to rail against America and evoke the name of Emmett Till, the young black victim of a brutal, racially-motivated murder in 1955.

This type of grandiose imagery is a common tactic of the left, who love to catastrophize everything.

As former Obama Chief Of Staff, Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

The episode was used as “proof” that Trump’s America is replete with widespread racism.

If LeBron James’s pomposity wasn’t enough, imagine how obnoxious he would be in tandem with Popovich, which could happen.

Since LeBron must maintain his “brand,” he needs to switch teams yet again, so he can increase his chances of winning. Los Angeles and Houston are the most bandied about destinations, but Popovich is allegedly making a hard sales pitch.

The clash of two headstrong individuals does not seem like an ideal matchup. LeBron is notorious for needing his entourage to be catered to, and Popovich is as no-nonsense as it gets.

Popovich somehow alienated low-key superstar Kawhi Leonard, who is rumored to want out of San Antonio because of the rift between him and his coach.

Popovich also runs a tight offense based on ball movement and motion. LeBron James likes to play the ‘LeBron James Offense,’ which basically means he dominates the ball while everyone stands around on the three-point line, waiting to catch and shoot.

The union of James and Popovich seems unlikely, but if it happened, they would have one thing in common: Trump lives rent-free in their heads.

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